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Bedder Living

Laid low by a sinus infection, I am grateful that I didn’t have any appointments scheduled for today. With my laptop and cordless phones, I have moved my office to my bed. Not the best working (or healing) practice in the world, but it makes me feel connected and allows me to doze off as needed.

Each time I emerge from a cat nap, there’s news: the fight against SOPA/PIPA is raging as people wake up to the realization that their favorite channels of communication may soon evaporate if they don’t take action. Emails from my husband about the layoffs coming to his client’s organization (which will undoubtedly impact his firm). An established writer found my Caregiver blog and “liked” it.

I do have a webinar today: “Smash Through the Myths and Create Social Media Success!” Thank you Liz Lynch and Dabney Porte.

Maybe once upon a time, I’d have gotten more rest staying home, but I kind of like this ability to stay somewhat productive through my impairment.

Stop SOPA/PIPA. For today, that’s enough.

About traceysl

Author of the groundbreaking book "Dementia Sucks", Post Hill Press, May, 2018. Having cared for my father, who had vascular dementia and died in 2004, and my mother, who died on April 14, 2015 after a long fight with Alzheimer's disease, I have refocused professionally to helping others through my experience. My company, Grand Family Planning, provides Coaching and Support Services. I am a professional speaker, offering programs for businesses seeking solutions to recruit and retain employees who care for loved ones. In this way, I share my knowledge and give meaning to the tragic turn of my parents' journey through the misery of dementia.


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